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Newbie to Mot Coil Please help

Original poster: Allan & Sandra <ascott16@xxxxxxxxx>

Hello every one
Al Scott up here in Canada
First id like to say all you guys have been an excellent source of info to me on list and your web sites .
Thanks for all the help so fare my first coil was a table top coil driven by a flyback it worked surprisingly well
5" thin corona streamers discharging from pc hard disk platers.
Can some one please give me some advice on my Mot transformer it works well for drawing big arcs or for a jacobs ladder
do i need more mot caps for tc use and do i have to use the same uf rating
below are specs of mot setup so far
i could also use advice on a mmc setup or a good home made cap that doesnt take up as much space as 50 - 100 beer bottles LOL
The secondary was wound from Mot secondary wire some time ago i posted a question on list of approx. gauge i was told 28awg
The overal setup has a nice look if interested in seeing pics email me off list at.
Al Scott


<File:C:\My>File:C:\My Documents\my coil.wtl

Your Tesla Coil Design Has The Following Parameters:

Pri mary Transformer

2 Big Mots

.97uf Mot Cap on each high voltage leg with voltage doublers and bleeder resisters.

Also inductive ballist on primary side values unknown

Input Voltage  12OVAC

Output Voltage 9600VAC approx.

Output Current unknown

Input Frequency  60Hz

Primary Design

Inside Diameter 4.Sin

Average Radius  4.75in

Wire Diameter   0.250in

 Total Diameter  14.50in

Wire Spacing   0.250in

Wire Length  24.22ft

Total  Turns  10.0

Secondary Res Freq  218.3226khz

Inductance  0.0243 mh

 Primary Cap to Res  0.0219uf

Angle of Windings 0 degrees

Secondary Design

Diameter      3.00in

Radius   1.SOin

Length       16.SOin

Circumference   9.42in

Gauge         28

Wire Length    944.76ft

1/4 Wave Length (without top load C)    530.86ft

Turns/Inch    75.16

HID Aspect    5.50

TotalTurns         1202.91

Inductance     18.24mh

Medhurst_K    0.85

Self_C           6.46pf

Top Load C   22.67pf

Res Freq WI Toroid   218.32khz

1/4 Wave Length  1127.06ft

Scratch Pad Memo Output:

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