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Re: Wireless Transmission

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Hi All,
For those who have read, or still read non-technical books, "The Chairs", a play by Eugene Ionesco is a pointed commentary on the "Truths" discovered, but not communicated by Tesla.

Matt D.

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Hi Eric,
           Yes I would totally agree. I wish Tesla had
communicated better, had taken on interns in large
numbers (In case he died before the work was done
so it could continue to be proved one way or the other
and added opinions of interns would have helped the
communication) and made his lab notes more usable
outside of his mind set rather than self reminders. I think
he also needed to practice what he expected from the
other science people, accept their ideas rather than
deny them, even as he worked to merge or improve
them or his own. Who was right, wrong  or in between
was not important, improving the state of the art was.
Especially for the times, when it looked like anything
might be possible. The Technology then had many limits.
In case this posts early, I am respectfully responding to
many messages as fast as I can, being a slow typer.

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>Isn't knowledge useless if you can't relate it to people in other terms?
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> > Hi Drew, Steve, Ed, List
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