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Re: Wireless Transmission, ZPE experiment performed

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I know this is off topic, but it does have some relevance to what we're
gabbing about.

I constructed the experiment from Moray B. King's Tapping the ZPE article in
the proceedings of the ITS.  First he was wrong on using a caduceus coil
around the plasma tube.  The coil has too little resistance to be in
parallel with the tube.  I used a series bifilar coil in series with the
tube.  This allowed the tube to be lit with the NST.  The experiment I built
had seven neon tubes arranged in a hexegon and powered by a 7.5/30 NST.  The
center tube had a second SB coil around it to act as a search coil that I
could add test equipment.  I had made a mistake in winding the first
experiment as I wound the coils at 45 degrees instead of the 22.5 degrees.

  Powered up I could read 3mV on the SB search coil with a DMM.  I then
hooked up an old tube type O-scope across the search coil and found that I
would see a spike that would ring down.  Photography of the tubes
(1/500-1/1000 sec, ASA 1000 film, f2.8) would show very narrow dark bands
that were in the same position and would move together in the tubes even
though the current was moving in opposite directions.  That would seem to
prove King's self-organising nonlinear plasma.  The dark bands could not be
the 60Hz I was feeding the tubes, as the tubes were only 18" in length and
there were two bands visible in the tubes.  I could even capture zero
crossing of the 60Hz where the bands were present when half of the tubes
were dark due to the zero crossing.  Photographing the zero crossing was
very easy, as all you did was hit the shutter when the tubes would flicker a
little.  I could take whole rolls of film of the crossings.

As for the possible gravitational effects due to the tapping of the ZPE.  I
could not see any weight change, but then a kitchen scale is not the most
accurate thing in the world.  However, I did take two strange photos where
it seemed that somehow one of the shutters stuck or stopped and the other
passed it.  I could explain it with the Twins Paradox effect, but then it
could be just a strange camera malfunction also.  But the one malfunction
that I have observed with the shutters, does not expose the film.  So how
did the film get exposed?

Strangely enough, we did have a spat of UFO sightings during the time I was
working on this experiment.

A year later, I rebuilt the experiment with the windings at 22.5 degrees.
During experimentation, NO MORE UFO'S!!!!  The tubes seemed to be brighter
and were also brighter on the film shot at the same settings as above.  I
could no longer capture zero crossing events. The dark bands were closer
together.  The DMM would now read 7mV on the search coil.  I took pictures
of both the O-scope and the tubes together, and found that the spike was
formed when the bands would pass thru the center of the tube, which would
also be roughly the magnetic center also.

So far, it seems that all I have done is make a more efficient neon sign.
The ZPE seems to be used by the plasma to keep the tubes lit during the
zero-crossing and make more photons, with nothing left for electrical use.
We might be able to tap small amounts of ZPE but it's not very useful.
However, this might find use in gas lasers to up the power a little bit.
King's theory seems somewhat correct by what I have done, but more and
better research needs to be done to fully prove or disprove it.  The same
needs to be done with all these wild claims.  As far as I know, I'm the only
one who has built King's experiment, so I don't know if what I have observed
is normal or not.  It won't be known until someone else does it.

David E Weiss

> Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> A lot of this stuff, like the non-Hertzian waves, sounds very compelling.
> am ashamed to admit I nearly built one of those caduceus coil things
> :-o But I now believe the whole thing is a myth and in fact Tesla just
> didn't understand how energy really is propagated by EM waves. (Probably
> nobody did in 1899.)
> Steve C.