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Re: Wireless Transmission

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Waves arent Hertzian in the first place, he just discovered them. What is
wireless transmission anyways? If I draw an arc out from my 4 pack of MOTs,
I am doing wireless transmission arent I? I've heard that Tesla was
intentionally misleading or vague in his patents to prevent people from
easily copying his designs(apparently he didnt have much faith in the
system). Maybe his "non hertzian waves" are just our power arcs? Tesla
obviously became distant from reality in his latter years, there is nothing
to say he didnt intend to use streams of ionized air to transfer energy
around the globe. Prove me wrong and you'll of course be rich.

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> Original poster: Teslamad@xxxxxxx > > Does anyone know the up to date research on wireless transmission? Has it > been documented yet? (i.e Wendover?) Or is Tesla's idea of "non-hertz'n" > waves still not fully understood? > > Cheers, > ~Drew > > >