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Re: Wireless Transmission

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"     Was Tesla proposing non-Hertzian wave transmission or non
Hertzian-wave transmission?
i.e. ~Hertzian (wave-transmission) or ~(Hertzian-wave) transmission. The
second case is the transmission of power without using EM waves, thereby
avoiding the inverse square problems of radiation loss. At least, this
seems to be the method put forth in his U.S.Pats. 645,576 and  649,621.
where he claims to use "true atmospheric conduction" rather than EM
radiation. The problem of a 15-mile high antenna wire is still
insurmountable, as all existing materials would self-destruct from their
own weight, although a fiber of carbon nanotubes might come close, Add
this the shearing forces and whipping stresses by existing winds up to
80,000 ft. and no, the materials to build such "antennas" which did not
exist in Tesla's time, still do not exist.  If such a device did exist
global power transmission, it would, of course, disrupt all existing RF
communication systems worldwide. :-((( All Tesla was able to demonstrate
was that IF such a system could ever be built, there was reason to
that transmission by conduction rather than radiation through air at a
pressure of ~130 mmHg was feasible in principle.

Matt D."

	IF he had succeeded in getting his wire up 15 miles (not enough, of
course) and making the atmosphere at that altitude conduction, his Tesla
coil would have had to be able to excite the capacitance between that
"conductor" and the earth with whatever voltage he proposed to use.
Work out the numbers and you'll see that, even in that part of his
system, he was off by many, many orders of magnitude.