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Homemade cap..........

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I know the thing to do these days is to build a nice mmc cap, but,....I have a chance to buy a 'poly tube' , well , actually , its used for bagging things in the warehouse I work at. Its a continuose 8" wide , 1075 foot long poly bag , 4 mil thick. $65 bucks. I thought I could make enough little caps in series ,with my 14400 input , to keep the voltage below 700v on each cap, and run them dry.I need about .03mfd , so I thought about 48caps @ 1.4mfd .,bag to bag would be 8mil. And I figuerd my input as 30kv for safety...30,000 / 48 = 625v per cap. AM I CRAZY OR WHAT? thanks