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Re: My first MMC cap test.

Original poster: "Peter Reid" <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

No, I wouldn't recommend it. Chances are the mains insulation will not stand up too the Secondary voltage and will break down and all sorts of nasty things will happen then.... And even if it did work if you accidently came in contact it with the case of a nst it would quite possibly be fatal.


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So, one could seiries a two bushing Xfrmer if you DID NOT GROUND/CONNECT the cases ??

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The transformers used are two NST's(4kV/45mA) connected in serial for a total of 8kV/45mA.

I'm not familiar with NST grounding in Sweden, but I don't think you can hook up two 4 KV NSTs serially for 8 KV due to center tap grounding.
Before you toss your MMCs out you should take a look at your NST connections.


Hi Stork.

These NST's are has one end of the HV side grounded in the chassi of the transformer. There
is no center tap. I have used these transformers in variuos serial/parallell configurations
since 1996 so they work just fine in this configuration.