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Original poster: "Rich" <rdjmgmt@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Matt , name here is Rich, I saw your note on the Tesla Coil List. I
am glad to hear of another coiler near by. I am a few miles west of
you,(about 65) in Jonesburg , Mo. I am new to coiling and found it hard
to find a good NST. I built my first coil in the summer of 2004 with a
15kv 30ma NST to prove thing did work and I am looking forward to
building a bigger one in the summer of 2005. I have one std coil on the
drawing board and one tube type started. It is a little cold in my tin
shed in the winter so I am looking forward to warmer weather. I received
very negative attitude from the neon shops I talked to last summer when
looking for a working NST. I have retired due to health problems but I
have collected a lot of junk to build with so I am going to work with
what I have , the problem is I never collected any NST.
I also want to build a 1.5KW RF amplifier, I have most of the parts for
that already.

Rich Schmuke
595 Hiway FF
Jonesburg , Mo


Original poster: "Matthew Carlson" <mjc8804@xxxxxxx>

Wow, thats gotta be hard.  I can't believe they would want to be that
way to hobbiests.  Just don't see what they gain by smashing them.  Good
luck in the future of finding NST's.  If it weren't so much for
shipping, i'd say i'd help you, but seeing how i'm in the US, it would
be horribly expensive.


Matt Carlson
(314) 362-0870
4353 Clayton Avenue
Mailstop : 90-68-145
Saint Louis, MO 63110