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Re: Parallel resonant DRSSTC

Original poster: Sue Gaeta <sgsparky@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the reply.
A few things caught my attention. :"load discontinuities" - very bad with Tesla Coils arcing to drill presses and what have you!

"Modular, high power SS driver capable that can be scaled as large as your
pocket book is deep... ;^D"
Due to the shallowness of my pocket boo, my driver probably wouldn't be too capable.

The only way you will damage an LCL converter of a half-bridge topology is if the load "shorts"
I would think that this would happen every time a streamer hits my bed :-O Although all that 30 AWG wire has quite a bit of resistance so it isn't a direct short. I guess I would have to keep the wire small, and the Q lousy.

I agree that simple is better. I have thought about the posibility of only switching 1 very big device. You would never have cross conduction! Of course anyone who has one big device usually would not have just one of them, and who wouldn't want to make use of all the power is available to them? It's silly to only use only one half cycle when you can use two!

I also think that Richie Bs site is excellent. I like the way he presents theory in a way that is easily understood. I printed out his tesla coil theory, and bound it in a book so that I could refer back to easily. He should write a book.

One more thing:
>"2. A half bridge converter will oustensibly be nearly 2X more reliable (at
>least half as likely to have a destructive DC shoot through event) as a
>full bridge, and are commerically built for IH converters up to 25kVA+. I
>don't think (at last check) anyone in the WORLD has a SSTC / SS Converter
>that big on the "amateur" level..."
I'll bet you are wrong, or perhaps you will be shortly! Greg Leigh has been really quiet lately. I wonder what he is up to????
I'd bet he has some interesting IGBTs, and you probably wouldn't want one to fall on your head!

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Hi Sue.....