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Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	The Nottingham Gaussfest (like a teslathon) will be taking place on
the 26th February. (setup if needed, Friday PM)

For those that have been before the details are pretty much the same as last
year, for those that haven't, more details are available from
http://www.roffesoft.co.uk/tesla/gaussfest/ .

If you email me I'll send you an information pack including places to stay
and travel info.

So far I have 6+ Tesla coils and a large Wimshurst coming and a hand full of visitors.

If you have a large coil 3'+ sparks, please contact me to book you a space
and power.

 There is room for more if there is anyone else who wishes to attend..

	Any queries regarding the event contact me directly or via the

Cheers Derek