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Re: Free email

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


This may be a wacky idea but would anyone want a free, secure, email with a
xxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or xxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx address? Seems like an interesting idea to me and I'd like to offer these to the Tesla crowd. If nothing else it will be free of the spam that I seem to be bombarded with lately. I just found out that I've got 100 boxes for each domain that are largely unused and lying dormant. If interested, send me your choice of name and I'll set it up with an initial password that you can then change and no one else can access. 1000 emails per month, 100 mega-byte storage, will work best with outlook or similar program that keeps storage on the server to a minimum.

Here's to a great 2005!


John F. Cooper
Irvine, CA
www.Tesla-Coil.com & .org