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Re: Giant DC coil to run in Australia

Original poster: Greg Leyh <lod@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Syd,

Neat website, I hadn't seen detailed photos of your coil and its components before.

The website mentioned that the charging reactor is not finished, and that this is why the AC mains draw is 80-100kVA? Yow!! I''m amazed that it can run without a reactor at all; your rotary gap must love that. ^_^
It appears that the only thing limiting the charging current is the impedance of the transformers and power feed.
What is the Cpri value? Surely there's some way we can arrange a suitable charging reactor.


Original poster: syd <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

For those of you who might be in Australia this month, I'll be running CAUAC at three cities of the annual <http://www.bigdayout.com>Big Day Out Festival there: Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne. CAUAC has been evolving: new spark gap, new diodes, bigger three phase transformer set, and a fire element. Prime power is about 100kva and it stands 16 feet tall. Spark length? I dunno, fairly long.. there are some new photos and video here: <http://www.playahearth.com/sydtesla/coachtesla04/index.html>http://www.playahearth.com/sydtesla/coachtesla04/index.html

I found the slow motion video clips especially interesting as you can better see the detail of arc propagation. Also you can see little sparks leaping from the ground plane objects just before the big down strikes.

I hope to completely redo the web site upon return from Australia to include photos, video, and design notes.

~syd klinge