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Re: Giant DC coil to run in Australia

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>


Those videos (as well as the coil) are just awesome!  Its especially
cool when one of the small branching streamers turns into a main
channel.  Thanks for posting those videos!


On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 16:51:50 -0700, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: syd <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> For those of you who might be in Australia this month, I'll be running
> CAUAC at three cities of the annual <http://www.bigdayout.com>Big Day Out
> Festival there: Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne. CAUAC has been evolving:
> new spark gap, new diodes, bigger three phase transformer set, and a fire
> element. Prime power is about 100kva and it stands 16 feet tall. Spark
> length? I dunno, fairly long.. there are some new photos and video here:
> <http://www.playahearth.com/sydtesla/coachtesla04/index.html>http://www.playahearth.com/sydtesla/coachtesla04/index.html
> I found the slow motion video clips especially interesting as you can
> better see the detail of arc propagation. Also you can see little sparks
> leaping from the ground plane objects just before the big down strikes.
> I hope to completely redo the web site upon return from Australia to
> include photos, video, and design notes.
> ~syd klinge