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Re: Non-GFI NSTs

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I tried a few years ago and they said no. Maybe I talked to the wrong person, but all 3 said it was for liability reasons.

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Hmmm, is it possible to talk France / Jefferson/ Allinson , into making an 'unpotted' trans for non sign use ? , Im talkin a 12/60 - 15/60 ...... remove a couple of shunts, drop in oil ,and your ready to go!! .... : )

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>Subject: Re: Non-GFI NSTs
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>Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>
>This is also true for Jefferson/Magnetek NSTs.  You contact your
>local rep
>and he has you sign a non-sign application form so your local
>can order them for you.  We obtain 12/60s in this manner for small
>Dr. Resonance
> >
> > You can still obtain non-GFI NSTs from France.  What I got from
>France is
> > that you tell your local distributor that it is for a non-sign
> > and have you document it on his PO.  It is probably true for the
>rest of
> > the manufacturers.  It will be more expensive having to buy new
>ones, but
> > at least they are still available.
> >
> > David E Weiss
> >
> >
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