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Original poster: "Christopher 'CajunCoiler' Mayeux" <cajuncoiler@xxxxxxx>

It's essentially the same concept as when microwave repair shops cut off the cord, before putting them on the curb... they're essentially trying to make it extremely inconvenient to do anything with them, in an attempt to get people to leave them alone, and not sue when they get hurt.

In this case, the joke's on them, because smashing
the bushings just gives us incentive to brush up on
our de-potting skills, and our ceramic art skills.

I would personally have no problem with accepting as
many smashed-bushing NST's as they'd be willing to
turn over to me.
C.L. Mayeux, MsEE
Owner, MSB Data Systems

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> Wow, thats gotta be hard. I can't believe they would want to be that
> way to hobbiests. Just don't see what they gain by smashing them.