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Tesla parts for sale in Australia

Original poster: Mr Gregory Peters <s371034@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all,

I have been unable to sell my pole pig on ebay. Anyone who makes me a serious offer can have it. I'm after at least $A500. It is reconditioned, 11.5kV/240v, 25kVa.

Also, is anyone interested in buying my mmc? It can be seen at


It has 12 strings of 12 geek group caps for a massive 0.15uF at 24kV. It has hardly been used, and only at 11kV RMS. Has never gotten warm or arced over.

Also for sale is my SRSG. Brand new 1HP motor, 12" G10 disc, 100,200,400 BPS. Could do with a new base, but otherwise GC. Make me an offer.

Primary and secondary are also for sale.


Greg Peters
Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Queensland, Australia
Phone: 0402 841 677