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Re: Winding technique

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"I eventually developed a technique of setting a plastic funnel over the
flange of a stationary spool of wire (spout facing up), and feeding the
up through the spout and thence off to the secondary coilform. If more
tension if required than the weight of the funnel can provide, add a few
small chunks of modeling clay to the funnel to add weight. This, plus a
foot-pedal motor speed control, an extremely low inertia DC drive motor,
a very sensitive slip-clutch on the secondary coilform drive allow me to
very quickly wind secondaries using very fine wire with no breakage,
kinking, or stretched wire."

	That's almost exactly the technique high-speed multiple-spindle
commercial winders work, or at least worked the last time I saw one.
The funnel is important unless you want to substitute your fingers