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Re: OLTC Measuring Peak Current

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Adam,

I was going to just us a little "loop of wire" "near" the primary to measure primary current inductively. It would basically be a dead short so not much noise pike up. But it could couple to the primary to give primary current with some fixed load like 50 ohms. "Calibration" would be tricky... It would have to be "fixed" so as not the change with time. But being air coupled in a relatively stable situation it should be pretty accurate without any core saturation worries... You could probably pulse the primary with some known or measurable current for calibration. I never got this implemented, but the idea should work and it would be a very simple addition to the OLTC.



At 01:47 PM 1/3/2005, you wrote:
Hi All

I am currently rebuilding my OLTC. I have rebuilt the controller and
preliminary test show that it's working in constant BPS mode but the
interrupted drive needs some work.

I was wondering how I can go about measuring the peak current. I was
planning to measure it on one side of the capacitor bank (not the
neutral side)

I don't have room in the low inductance layout for my ion physics
current transformer (its about 6 inch dia).

I was wondering how I can measure the peak current.

Maybe a current transformer wound on a 1inch ferrite core?


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