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Re: Winding technique

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

> looking at Liviu's pictures I can see what he has done (looks simple and
> neat, although I can't see how that small spool of wire is going to
> cover winding of the rest of that big coil), but don't see where the
> clamp would fit either.
> Help!
> Ed

Indeed that is a small looking spool of wire, but remember, he is not
using a typical wire gauge for a secondary that size.  I would guess
he is using 30awg or smaller, which is why you cant see the wire in
the picture.  When you start using super fine wire, you will find that
what appears to be a small amount will in fact cover quite a bit of
coil.  Sort of like taking a small amount of paint and spreading it
super thin to cover the greatest amount of area.