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Re: New photographic technique - Tesla Coil Arcs

Original poster: Anthony Tortorello <kwintsommer@xxxxxxxxx>

Thanks and I feel like an idiot.
Within the last 6 months I placed 7th in the Statistics Division of a
National Invitational with 70 or so schools from 5 different states.
Despite that I didn't make the connection to standard deviation. I
would like to think that my, shall we say, mental constipation was
just a result of my work load lately. Lots of college finals to deal
with, the problem is I'm a high school junior.
Again, thank you for your very detailed explanation and for the record
it's 68.3%, 95.4%, 99.7% for (-1,1), (-2,2) and (-3,3) standard
deviations, respectively.