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140VAC - Motorized Variac 0-NOT!! 280V 15A

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

As it turns out, the varaics are really 140VAC not 240VAC!!!

Superior Electric assumes a three phase neutral center "Y" configuration. Unless you get another part number when they label it 140 "delta"... I just made the mistake of reading the label >:-p


So, when working with the three phase units "be very careful"!!! The price is now $50 for the darn thing... A few folks are already interested but they might no longer be now that the voltage is really 140 VAC. Apparently the current is still correct.

I have a bunch of variacs I am cleaning up to sell soon once I figure out what the "really" are :[



Hi All,

I have a motorized variac for sale:




It is 240VAC in 0-280VAC out 15 amps 60Hz. The motor is 120VAC controlled. You put voltage to one set of terminals and it goes counter clockwise. Voltage to the other set goes clockwise. It takes 30 seconds to go from zero to full.

It was originally part of a three phase stack but I removed the other two sections for sale separately since coilers typically do not use three phase.

It is a little dirty and dusty, but seems to work fine. Since these motorized ones are a little hard to get, I thought I would check if anyone here wants it before it goes to Ebay...

I am asking $70 for it which includes shipping inside the USA. I guarantee it for 90 days against conking out by itself. Looks like there is plenty of wear left on the brush and all that.

If interested, contact me at:


First come, first serve.