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Re: MOT Testing

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I know you guys are way ahead of me, so I figure there is something
I'm not taking in to account. The Electric Engineering professor at the
local university told me that this book is just about the best electronics
reference available, so I feel like I can trust it, especially on something
as basic as this.


Paul Think Positive


    Dear Paul,

    You haven't missed as much as you might think.

Hoo boy. When I went into the Electrical Engineering program at Colorado State, the prof there was busy writing "his" book on the field of EE. And guess which lucky class got to get the bugs out of his book? Talk about homework where there *were* no right answers or there were two correct answers in multiple choice, typos, wrong diagrams ... and when you get right down to it, the guy could not explain things in English; he had to put it in math and force you to translate it ... *aaaaargh*.

    The year after mine, it became the standard textbook there ...

I imagine a few people out on the TC list are smiling (well, maybe not smiling) with memories now ...


    Dave Small