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Re: 3 Gange PowerStat 146U-3 Variac Problem :-(

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry,
You could be dealing with a heat shrink fit there.
The also often to this on motor sleeves, all sorts of things.
Think in terms of expanding when hot by a few thousandths and when it
cools, presto, nice tight fit.
I have tech supported a guy that had a generator mounted on his truck
along with a 10 kW solid state induction heater. His thing was dig a trench
with a machine for laying down pipe. At his shop in the morning, he would
take one end of 20 feet pipe sections, heat them with the induction machine,
slip in a sleeve a certain distance, as the pipe cooled quickly, it held the sleeve.
When he got to the job site, he had a whole bunch of pipes with a sleeve in
one end. With a welding cable feed and a 50 KC heater, he then heated the
pipe end with no sleeve,m slipped it into the next pipe end with a sleeve and
built a pipe line. Takes maybe 30 seconds per joint. Fit is so tight when
cooled that it is steam, water and gas tight. Works great.
I think maybe that is not pressed, it may just be heat shrunk.
Get over 700 degrees F, target should expand a few 1000ths, pull
and go.

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Subject: 3 Gange PowerStat 146U-3 Variac Problem :-(

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I have a big 3 section Powerstat 146U-3 that has never been used. It is 0-280VAC at 30Amps per section.

It would be nice to break it down into three separate variacs. However, the shafts have what seems to be a pressed on insulator (red circle):



I cannot take it apart as needed with these pressed on parts :-(((

There is not enough shaft between the sections to think about sawing it.

I just wanted to check for any obvious solutions you all might know. Otherwise, off to E-bay man (as a full unit) it will go...

I also have a 240VAC 15A 3 section Powerstat unit that looks like it has the same dumb problem :-p