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RE: Who all has built OLTCs?

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

At 04:05 AM 4/21/2005, you wrote:
>i see people blowing up silicon on those OLTCs too!  Only
>their sparks are shorter!  Hahaha!

This is true- I can't argue with it. But the OLTC seems to be getting a
cult-like following on this side of the pond. I think it's just because it's
simpler to build and understand, even though the DRSSTC works better.

It is also very forgiving. Since it is energy limited and the IGBTs are "big", it can take a lot of abuse. I see many people that started out with OLTCs have progressed to DRSSTCs. The OLTC does demonstrate many of the principles of the electronics for those that are not already power engineers ;-))

So far, to the best of my knowledge, UK coilers have built seven OLTCs and
only two DRSSTCs- and one of those was CW with MOSFETs :-6

The UK coilers definitely rule the world when it comes to OLTCs!!!! I bet they will make their mark on the DRSSTC too!! I understand pole pigs and NSTs are not easy to find there, so they especially like the none HV-transformer machines.

My new DRSSTC with the PLL driver will be lighting up in the next week or
so. Ironically the project is held up just now because I made a complete
mess of winding the secondary! All the hi-tech bits are fine!

I did that too! Built the DRSSTC electronics, and forgot to make a coil to run with it ;-))

I owe one to
Steve Ward- if it wasn't for him egging me on I would probably have got fed
up and given up on this project.

You will LOVE the DRSSTC!!! It is very strange to run a coil from a box full of wire, ICs, and transistors. You get used to it fast!!!



Steve Conner