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Re: Corona bottles @ .001 mfd

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Personally I'd just start with a few and keep adding bottles till the spark hits max length. Easiest way that i know of w/o using an lcr meter.

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Subject: Corona bottles @ .001 mfd

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I am sorry to have to re-ask, I thought I saved the answer, but I can't find it!

Right now I'm running the tinfoil-on-glass/plastic capacitors. The coil definitely needs more capacitance. The calculators, based on the windings and so forth, indicate the coil wants to be ringing at about 400 khz, but the 'scope indicates that the (radiated) energy is at about 750 khz.

I wanted to ask again how many Corona bottles people have used in water-based capacitors to approach .001 mfd, which is what this coil wants. I can tune it in from there.

    Thank you,

    Dave Small

p.s. No call-back from the Red Rocks people yet.