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Re: Hybrid Solid State Vacuum Tube Design [LONG!]

Original poster: Shad Henderson <sundog@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


Monday night I picked up some of my power tools (out on loan), and
discovered my drill press was broken. :(  Ordered the replacement part,
should be here for working this weekend.

By Saturday I should have the breadboard version cleaned up enough and a
primary botched up for the SSVTTC.  It'll be wierd to see a VTTC running
without a grid leak network ;)

I've no idea what the sparks will look like.   The fast risetime of the
beginning of the RF envelope *should* give them a classic low BPS spark
gap coil look, but in essence it's an interrupted CW coil, delivering
power to the tank every half cycle whilst switching.  Also, because of
the pulsed RF envelope, I expect to see streamer growth along the
previous arc channel (have to see if I get banjo effect!).

Then again, it may make a fool of me and not work at all! Ah, the joy of

At any rate, I plan to make some sparks this weekend, be they from the
topload, or from the controller!

Game on!



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