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Re: Expensive hobby

Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

One thing about dumpster diving as a sport is that eventually you have to get a dumpster yourself for the mountain of debris. About $AUD70 for a large one to take 8 microwaves, a washing machine and a few computers/monitors and other shed junk. Or go in reverse and redistribute into other dumpsters for someone to have a second go at... My wife just spotted an MO in a dumpster nearby. I think my total is over 10 now.
Peter (Tesla Downunder)

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> When you sent your first note I
> couldn't help wondering
> what you were going to do with the skeletons of all
> of your goodies
> after you picked the bones clean, and washing
> machines are an order of
> magnitude more massive!
> Ed