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primary tuning

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

I need to get some input from
you guys on the tap point of your primary coil vs. the size and #
of turns of your secondary coils and the physical size of your
toroids. I ran the specs of mine through Bart Anderson's Java
TC program and after it "crunched the numbers" it stated that
my primary should tune in at only a little over 4 primary turns.
That's assumng my 12x56 toroid for the top hat and .2 uFd for
the primary tank capacitance. However, I have to tap up to
about 10 primary turns before i start to get any output off of
my massive toroid. I have about 1260 turns of #19 wire on
12.75" x 48.5"  of a gray PVC duct pipe for the secondary
coil and have a spiral of 12 turns of 5/8" OD copper tubing
for the primary w/ ~ 1/2" turn/turn spacing and the innermost
turn at about 15" in dimeter and the outermost (12th) turn at
about 40" in diameter. I'm starting to think that I may have
to either add to my primary coil or go to an even higher pri-
mary capacitance. I am using a 14.4 kV, 15 kVA pole pig for
the primary power source and of course, I was tuning in at
a much reduced voltage input to the pig via a variac.