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Re: Expensive hobby

Original poster: "Brian" <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, glad to hear it, nice to have a little gold mine, yea i bet they frown
on blind hunting license too...the japanese screws are usually self tapping
come in real handy too. some of the older microwaves have nice high voltage
relays and other neat stuff. also triac's mounted on a good heatsink. I bet
that big uwave oven was commercial probably Amana, enough power to heat
40 hamburgers at once. cul brian f.

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> Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Everybody who responded to my post, > > Well, thanks a million to all of you for all of your advice both serious > and not so serious!!! I can't drive, the government frowns on blind people > trying to drive for some reason, so my 27 year old son came over and took > me around to a couple of appliance repair places. One owner was very > friendly and curious about what I planned to do with old microwaves. I told > him about Tesla coils and some other esoteric HV stuff and he got really > interested and said he would like to help however he can. How about that??!! > > He went in the back and came out with these 2 honker MOT's that he said he > took out of the biggest, most powerful, commercial microwave he has ever > seen or heard of. He said they were both in the same microwave and that it > was rated at 2500 watts! He then took us out back and showed us 9 > microwaves that he said we could have. He also said that if I want to > scrounge parts out of old TV's, washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, > dryers, or whatever, just let him know. The first microwave I opened has a > 4000 V transformer and is rated 1500 watts. They all have the HV AC caps, > of course and Peter Terren tells me that I will find all kind of HV goodies > in the newer microwaves, like HV rectifier bridges and such. > > So, now that I have found this goldmine, do you guys have any suggestions > about things I can scrounge besides microwaves? I was looking at a barrel > he had full of stove top and oven elements that appeared to be OK. I > couldn't find any burned out spots or anything that indicated they were > non-functional. I was thinking that these would make some incredibly robust > low ohm resistors for current limiting maybe or something similar?? > > I am just absolutely sure that you guys have a mother load of advice for me > about this. Please???!!! I really do feel like I hit the proverbial > jackpot. He says for me to check with him once a week and I can come by and > pick through whatever he has gotten in that people have decided not to pick > up for whatever reason. He wouldn't even accept any compensation. > > I am not a greedy person, at all. I am more than willing to share my good > fortune with those of you who don't have access to anything like this. If > anyone needs anything that they think I might be able to get for them, drop > me an email and I'll do my best to help you out, within reason. > Best regards. > Paul > Think Positive (it worked for me!) > > The other shop, though not as friendly, said that I could come back and get > some of their defunct equipment as well. They said that they were just too > busy to help me out right then. So, I may have access to even more stuff. > > > > > >