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Re: Expensive hobby

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In a message dated 4/18/05 7:10:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

He went in the back and came out with these 2 honker MOT's that he said he
took out of the biggest, most powerful, commercial microwave he has ever
seen or heard of. He said they were both in the same microwave and that it
was rated at 2500 watts! He then took us out back and showed us 9
microwaves that he said we could have. He also said that if I want to
scrounge parts out of old TV's, washing machines, refrigerators, stoves,
dryers, or whatever, just let him know. The first microwave I opened has a
4000 V transformer and is rated 1500 watts. They all have the HV AC caps,
of course and Peter Terren tells me that I will find all kind of HV goodies
in the newer microwaves, like HV rectifier bridges and such.


Nice finds.  Be sure to save the MOT diodes for making level-shifted
(doubler) type power supplies.  Washing machine and dryer motors
are good for certain rotary spark gap designs.  Unfortunately the
newer motors are difficult to disassemble to modify them to
make them synchronous.

John Freau