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Re: Magnifier Driver coil design

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In a message dated 4/17/05 9:54:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi Guys,

Im looking for a bit of advice from experience here.  Im looking at
converting my large DRSSTC (10-11' sparks at the moment) to a
magnifier design.  But there are a few questions i cant seem to answer
on my own, and i think might primarily depend upon experience in the


I'd recommend using Antonio's design formulas for trapping
all the energy in the 3rd coil at the same time, and possibly
benefiting from the fast "quench" that is possible with the
solid state system.  The type of solid state coils you're
building may be the first type of Tesla coil that can easily
test and benefit from Antonio's ideas.  Getting a tight enough
coupling may be difficult though.  You may be able to get a
pretty high overall coupling though.

By making a rather wide diameter extra coil, you can
get the needed high inductance, thick wire, and low
frequency that is needed.

John Freau