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Wendover Coil Vs USAF lightning TesT?

Original poster: syd <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

That coil is running great! Anyone know how much power is being fed to it in this video?

Must admit that the USAF 'lightning test' claims are absurd. The only similarity between tesla coil arcs and atmospheric lightning is that they look alike, somewhat, and that they are beautiful to watch. I can't imagine a single useful piece of lightning survivability data that could be derived from from spraying a little model plane with perhaps a couple milliamperes of RF alternating current, when lightning strikes it carry tens of thousands (more?) of DC amperes. Seems that a massive Van de Graaf generator, or Marx bank would better simulate the effects of an actual lightning strike.

But whether it was a PR stunt, or just a way to reach into the deep pockets of the U.S. Military, I'm glad the machine was able to be built!

~syd klinge