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Re: Hybrid Solid State Vacuum Tube Design [LONG!]

Original poster: "K. C. Herrick" <kchdlh@xxxxxxx>

Big old tubes...I love 'em! I have an 861 (tetrode, 3.5 KV, 400 W Pdiss), but not, sad to say, in a Tesla coil. I've set it up as an artwork, with filament softly lighting up when a viewer approaches it. If ten years younger I'd seriously consider trying it out in a T.C. Its vacuum is good, but I don't know about its electrical quality.

(I like little tubes, too: I have in front of me an 01A at this moment, nicely lit up, perched atop my monitor.)

Since you characterize your prospective coil as a monstrosity, I suggest a monstrous name for it similar to the one I had dreamed up for mine. Call it "Henderson's Solid-State, Vacuum-Tube, Alternating-Current, Thunder-and-Lightning Entertainment Machine".

Ken Herrick

Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: Shad Henderson <mailto:sundog@xxxxxxxxxxxx><sundog@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

Please snip unneeded portions when replying!  Terry will Thank You!

With the surfacing of a thread on VTTC's, I felt it was time to spill
the beans on my little pet project.  Though I can't take credit for the
whole thing, I'm surprised that I haven't seen the idea posted here
earlier.  I dub this monstrosity the "SSVTTC", Solid State Vacuum Tube
Tesla Coil.