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Original poster: "Samuel C. Johnson" <metaform@xxxxxxxx>

Derek, Thank you so much for your sage advice. It sounds like a very wise method of approaching this task. At present your way is the way I plan to go. Mistakes can be very expensive. All the best to you, Sam

> Original poster: "Derek Woodroffe" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Samuel,
> "I joined the list just recently and feel pretty lost because of all the
> abbreviations. But, could you just give an approximate cost of one system
> vs.
> the other. (Spark gap vs.
> Ouch, that's a difficult question...
> Ok My last SSTC cost me around $100, but I had a lot of the sundries
> around..
> My last SGTC cost me around $70, but I didn't pay a thing for the
> neon sign transformers.
> Basically you can spend as much or as little as you like on any
> coil. It is possible to construct a Spark Gap TC totally from junk yard
> stuff. With the semiconductor coils, this is much harder to do, as you
> need the silicon (transistors) that are going to stand the abuse, and they
> don't come cheap.
> If you are just starting, start with a classic TC, a fan blown
> static spark gap, a neon sigh transformer or oil burner transformer. Then
> get the feel for making TC's before going to the electronic coils, this
> you will save $'s in blown chips and Transistors.
> The Classic TC's are much more robust and forgiving...
> Cheers
> Derek