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Re: PVC tube lacquer?

Original poster: "colin heath" <colin.heath4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

hi there,
if you want a coil that will take long run times and last many many years then its neccersary and probably why thats in the plans as it would be bad practice to give half measure not knowing the user requirements.
however if your like me and will keep a secondary probably 5 months till i build something new then no its not worth the bother. just take it inside for a couple of days sand the tube lightly and coat with pu varnish then wind and coat with more pu varnish

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Subject: PVC tube lacquer?

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Hi all,
Living in the Netherlands, I could not find a source of Glyptal for precoating my 5" PVC tube like Dr Resonance advices. Now I plan to use a clear alkyd lacquer or PU lacquer instead. As to the importance of this layer, is it meant to keep moisture out or is it also for bettering the resistance against surface (creep)sparks between ajoining windings? Dr Resonance also advices layers of Dolph's AC-43 after winding the secondary. I plan to apply 5 layers of PU lacquer as I did with my 3" coil, as I also could not find a firm that sells AC43. However, I could buy Dolph's ER-41 spray. (Strange that this isolation repair spray, according to Internet information, contains iron oxyde in its (red) mixture and is therefore slightly ferro magnetic!). Could this be the same stuff as AC-43?
At the moment I am drying out the sanded PVC tube in a long, blanketed, carton box with a (burning) 40 Watt TL tube underneath the PVC. As the temperature inside is only 36 degrees Celcius, this drying out may take weeks... Gues I must look for more heat...What if I precoat only the outside, wire the tube and heat it by pushing AC current through the winding?.. Then, after a two days heating I can coat the inside to seal off the PVC... Is this a sound idea?.. (Windings coming loose..) Is all this drying out worth my efforts?.(The TC stays sheltered inside the house).
Regards, Willem, PA0TW