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Advice for new coil

Original poster: Rich Simpson <richcreations@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Everyone,

After destroying the secondary of my first coil by running it with a 6-MOT stack (it was only a 4" coil, and not very well made, but the burnt plastic smell was impressive) I decided to start again.

I have all the thin walled 4" green sewer pipe (not foam cored) I could want.

I do not want to use the MOTS again right now, but will continue to use NSTs instead.

I have a single static (air blast) gap, made from 1" pipe, made of copper/pvc) fed by a shopvac

Primary will be a flat pancake of 1/4 copper tubing, how many turns should it have? what outside dia?

I have a lot of "beer bottle caps", in series strings of 3 bottles x however strings I need, I plan to build a MMC later, but cash is short.

I have 15kv/60ma worth of NST right now, but want to be able to add more later (120ma total), how much is a 4" coil good for?

I was planning on using 22AWG wire for the secondary, is this a good choice? About how tall should the secondary winding be?

I tried using JavaTC, but I do not have enough info to figure it out, and I use a mac, so no wintesla, or other useful stuff...