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RE: Tesla history project

Original poster: "Ralph Zekelman" <gridleak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Just on a wild hunch, I entered Wardencliff (also: Wardenclyffe or
into the browser. Didn't even need google and didn't mention Tesla. Urge
you try it.
Urge you learn how to do a little disciplined study.

Ralph Zekelman

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

What's a Wardencliff type tower?
                                                    Steven Steele
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>Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx> > >Hi Dave, > >In his patents, he shows a Wardencliff type tower with a large toroid >instead of a mushroom. > >David E Weiss > >>Original poster: <dgoodfellow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> >> >>I don't think I have ever seen a picture of one of Tesla's own coils with >>a toroid on the top of it. I do remember something like a toroid in a >>photo from Colorado Springs, but the only really large topload that I >>have seen (in what books I have) is the Wardenclyffe tower. Could you >>please indicate where to look for toroids use by Tesla? >> >>Thanks, Dave Goodfellow >> >> >>----- Original Message ----- From: "Tesla list" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> >>To: <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> >>Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 7:14 PM >>Subject: Re: Tesla history project >> >> >>>Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx> >>> >>> >>>The first large coil in the USA was built by George Kauffman in 1903 for the >>>Carnigie Institute (college). It ran at 10 kVA with rotary spark gap and >>>plate glass capacitors. It is still at the Buhl Museum/Planetarium in >>>Pittsburg, PA. Kauffman's father worked in New York digging ditches with N. >>>Tesla when Tesla was going through some hard times. >>> >>>In 1930 a coil was erected at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. >>> >>>In the mid-1940's a German group was one of the first (after Tesla) to use a >>>large toroid atop the secondary coil for electrostatic field control. This >>>also forces the coil to run efficiently at a single sec freq and not develop >>>standing wave interference from multiple frequencies. >>> >>>Dr. Resonance >>> >>> >>> > >>> > I am doing a project in history on the history of Tesla coiling. >>> I > > would >>>be >>> > gratefull to anyone who sends me, personally, information on the > > >>> history >>>if >>> > Tesla coils since 1900 to the present. >>> > Thanks. >>> > Steven > > >>>Steele >>> > >>> > >>> > >> >> > > > >