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I concur with Derek!
Think Positive

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> Matt D, All,
> "At some point in evolution, The DRSSWXYZ-TC Resonant Transformer System
> will no longer be called a Tesla Coil."
> Why ???
> A radio is still called a radio?
> A vacuum cleaner is still called a vacuum cleaner?
> Both work in very different ways to how they used to.
> These things are not called by names because of how they work. It's what
> they do that matters. The "output" of a SGTC and a DRSSTC are the same, they
> are still transformers, and they still rely on principles that tesla himself
> would understand. All that has happened is that we have found a few
> replacements for a spark gap with modern technology.
> The rest of the control and innovation is mainly to stop the modern
> technology that replaced this spark gap from exploding. Is it a huge leap in
> technology to make a device function as a spark gap and to be complex as a
> modern DRSSTC? Some improvement!!
> I suggest a new breed, not species..
> Derek