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Re: Fiberglassing a 8 Inch PVC form

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Don't bother with the fiberglass.  Just sand your PVC tube inside and out
and add 3 separate coats of Glyptal to seal.  Forget all the unneccesary
extra work --- no advantage at all with a coil this size.

The fiberglass will be non-uniform and is difficult to sand not to mention
the health hazards on your lungs.

Dr. Resonance

> Eric. Advice from experience. Fiber-glass appears to bond, IT DOSEN'T. If
> you first spray a coating of clear laquer then start your fiber glass the
> solvent in the laquer will make a bonding surface of the wet surface. If
> do not the fiber glass and PVC have a very differant coef of expansion and
> at cold temprature the fiberglass portion will break free and the windings
> will move.  The problem is that it dosent move evenly and you will get
> spaces/cracks in your windings of up to 1 inch. I have never had a broken
> winding  , but cracks look very bad and require patching.Why the cracks
> open up and never close I dont know but its a mess. wet spray first then
> fiber glass and avoid trouble.
>     Robert   H
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>  > Hi, I have a piece of 8 inch ID, 9 inch OD white PVC I got for free.
>  > kinda old, but was under dirt so it isnt actually deteroriated very bad
>  > all. Just needs to be cleaned up some and trimmed to length. Anyways, I
>  > want to fiberglass it first, then wind, then fiberglass over the
>  > How does the resin react with PVC and the insulation on the magnet
>  > Has anyone tried this? T
>  >
>  > Thanks,
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>  > Eric "Hydrogen18"
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