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Re: Movie of Wendover Coil Vs USAF test model aircraft (How tall, / far away)

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed, list,
First a Big THANK YOU! to all the people placing the movie on sites and those kind enough to burn CD's for dial up users. I count at least 5 servers hosting it, you are awesome!
Ed, I will ask for more detailed height info when I see Bob again, likely near end of weekend, but he may call in by phone.
I noted there is some structure above the extra coil that should have a height figure for the record.
If you go to www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/ area there is a drawing showing turns, wire size, etc and that portion for the extra coil looks like 8 feet diameter by 8 feet high for windings itself, then 8 feet under it of standoff but also a 20 feet height
so this could point to a ~ 4 feet "crown".


The distance to plane target, until I can talk to Bob, will have to be figured from the known diameter of extra coil, the size of people compared to model size as they placed it on the stand.
I was happy Terry managed, using that sweet digital scope, to pull off info from the sound track and place the BPS at ~72
for that test run.
I do wonder what that coil would have done with a toroid on top?
For those with the modeling software or fast brains, for a extra coil of 8 feet diameter, what toroid dimensions would you have placed up on this thing? Again, all the known info so far is at above link.

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I've just finished watching the video (great stuff for TC fans!), but
wish they had included some results from the test.  I've been associated
with the B-2 program for a number of years and have seen some of the
composite material samples which were tested for lightning strikes.  The
test generator was a very large Marx bank, which was able to do serious
damage (but not completely destroy) carbon-epoxy plates about 3/8"
thick.  Delaminated an area of perhaps 2" radius around the strike but
didn't punch a hole through the structure.  The purpose of these tests
was the same as in the Wendover tests - to help design techniques for
protecting the "avionics innards" from direct lightning strikes.  The
final solution worked just fine.


P.S. What was the total height of that coil?  How far was the model from
the coil?