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Re: Midwest Teslathon

Original poster: Tyler <blimpie120@xxxxxxxxx>

Where is this Teslathon to be held? Any fee's for
attending, or to bring a coil? Sorry, I've never been
to a teslathon before, I'd like to in the near future.
Where I live I know of no one else with a tesla, and I
would like to physically chat with other "tesla'rs";-)


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: "Dr. Resonance"
> <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>
> This year, the Midwest "Cheesehead" Teslathon will
> be held on Sat., Sept.
> 3rd.  This is the first Sat in Sept and a week prior
> to the Labor Day
> weekend.  Last year a number of TC builders were
> unable to attend due to
> plans the "better half" had made for the Labor Day
> weekend.
> We will have the Big Bruiser running at 20 kVA and
> also a 1 million Volt
> Van de Graaff generator for some direct current
> excitement.  (T. Edison
> would be proud).
> Hope to see many of your from the Tesla List at the
> Thon.  I promise,
> "latsa' food goodies" will be on tap.  Those of you
> from last year might
> remember the great apple and lemon homemade pies???
> Dr. Resonance

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