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Re: Movie of Wendover Coil Vs USAF test model aircraft.

Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx>

well OK,
I have loaded up a P2P (Peer to Peer) program, WinMX, no spyware or anything ( I watched it with Active Ports monitor)
I am sitting here with the movie (full) in my sharing folder. You can get the program at http://www.winmx.com/ free and then search Wendover, I am seeing a few hundred nodes and growing so your search should find me and there you are.
I can upstream 38 KB anyway, that's what I usually get when transferring to Hot-streamer. If a few take then share the file everybody gets it.

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Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ed,

It is like one of those Star Wars movies or Harry Potter things!! Server requests are lined up for blocks :o))

Lets see: The file is about 85Meg and there are about 1500 people on the list. If everyone downloads it, that would be 127.5 G bytes. The server upload channel speed is 31k bytes per sec.... 127.5G / 31k = 4.1M seconds or 47 days... Gosh!! We are not going to get there soon...

BTW - Please do not try to open say 50 channels to try and get it to go faster!! That clogs everything up bad. It is pure bandwidth limited...

So the normally dull little hot-streamer.com just does not have the bandwidth to really do it :-p The pupman servers are in pretty much the same boat, so I can't just mail it to everyone...

So let's suppose we all want it in just one day... We would need a server that could handle a 85M file, 1500 transfers, 130Gbytes/day....

If anyone is sitting on a nuclear powered server with a little extra space (100Meg) I would be happy to get it uploaded there ;-)) I don't think P2P would help much since just the single source would get bombed just the same in the short term...

The movie is very high quality and about 7-1/2 minutes long. A person is explaining the thing for the first few minutes and then there are full coil shots for a while and a lot of close ups zapping a little model plane. I tried to reduce the size with the usual tricks, but Mike's brand new hardware is better than all my stuff! The file size is pretty much as small as possible without hurting the very nice quality...

I did cut it way down to just the coil's hot shots in DIVX5 format at about 10Meg for the dial up folks. But they are still at the end of the line ;-(

So I am thinking if we had like 3 big bandwidth servers, I could upload the original and the cut version to them... I would probably have to pull hot-streamer off line but I would try not to break it while someone has like 1K left of the file to go :o) Or, if there were just one server that had super high bandwidth and capacity... Once the initial rush is over, Hot-streamer can retake the load in a day or two...

Fortunately, I have 100Mbps connections directly to the server so "I" can see it just fine >:D

So the call goes out to anyone that could spare 100M bytes of web space and probably get blasted with say 500 requests and 50Gig of file transfers over a days or two!! I can easily FTP the files as needed!! There are a number of folks that have downloaded it, so if anyone could open up a "second source" ;-))

I don't know if Mike or others have any other big movies, but maybe we should plane this stuff a little better next time ;-)



At 04:43 PM 4/14/2005, you wrote:
Has anyone been able to download that file?  The connection (high-speed
cable modem) always times out when I try it.  I sure would like to see
the movie.