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Re: Movie of Wendover Coil Vs USAF test model aircraft.

Original poster: "Brian" <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, can i ask how and what are you doing to be where you are?
seems like an interesting place to be! there like a kid that joins a pit
crew so he can see the race from the pits? i bet there are a lot of people
on the list that wished they were there! me too!
thanks, brian f.
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Subject: Movie of Wendover Coil Vs USAF test model aircraft.

> Original poster: "Mike" <induction@xxxxxxxxxxx> > > Hi All, > I have just uploaded the Movie (bit over 7 minutes Mpeg1 > format) of the Wendover Coil, A duplicate of Tesla's CS coil with extra > coil, as it beats the daylights out of a Model the USAF had contracted to > be tested. They wanted to see how the composite material stood up to > discharges. Placed inside were electronics in "hardened" areas plus a bunch > of electronic watches. I am told that the watches inside did not do so > well. Using infornation gained in this experiment, the design people went > back to the drawing boards to better protect the electronics so that in a > thunder strorm, the future designs had a better chance of staying in the > air. The movie begins with one of the testers being interviewed about what > they are doing there and why, then the fireworks begin. A mirror has been > placed in sone views to see both the strike area camera can see plus the > back side. Dos file size is 84,639,744 bytes. This is my first VCR to MPG > movie conversion with the USB convertor I bought for this job. To down > load, the link is > > www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/Aircraft_Model_Vs_Wendover_Coil_USAF_Testing.m pg > > For those that have never seen this coil in operation, this is a > chance.Hope you enjoy it. > > Regards,Mike > > >