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RE: For sale: tesla goodies! including mmc caps in australia

Original poster: "Arpit Thomas" <arpit@xxxxxxxx>

The mmc caps have been claimed, as has the SSTC stuff, the 9kv and 12kv
NSTs, one of the High voltage signs- Steel , and 2 of the ferrite beads

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Subject: For sale: tesla goodies! including mmc caps in australia

Original poster: "Arpit Thomas" <arpit@xxxxxxxx>

Due to university , I'm having to sell some tesla goodies which I have
accumulated. I am in Sydney. All prices in Australian dollars. I will post
or let you pick up the goods.

Neon Sign transformer- 15kv 30mA perfect working condition *rare in aus and a good basis for a first coil* $50


1 High voltage signs- Steel- They use these in large substations and power stations http://users.bigpond.net.au/arpit/steelhighvoltage.jpg

$20 each

High voltage sticker, bright yellow, brand new

Induction Motor single phase for ASRG- Large and powerful, works perfectly http://users.bigpond.net.au/arpit/asrgmotor.jpg $20

5 Microwave oven capacitors, about 1uF at 2000volts- great for voltage

$3 each

Pulse discharge MMC: about 25uF at 500volts AC, high quality polyester
capacitors great for a really rapid fire strobe


3 filter capacitors, suitable for SSTC. 2 are 1500uF at 350 volts, 1 is 680uF at 400vdc These are HUGE, http://users.bigpond.net.au/arpit/

2 Plastic encapsulated MASSIVE ferrite 'beads'these babies are huge, look like they would fit 00 gauge wire quite easily. 5 dollars each

Contactor- 20 amps 250 volts as new

Lots of capacitance! Lots of volts! Biggggg electrolytyic 15000uFd 80v http://users.bigpond.net.au/arpit/bigcap.jpg

Video camera- standard tripod mount, Phillips brand, standard lenses records
direct to VHS... very solid, suitable for filming a tesla coil. Including
battery and charger