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Re: Connecting pipes together for primary?

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

As long as you use a torch and silver solder no problem.  Regular solder
will offer high resistance to RF currents with it's lead/tin content.

Sometimes it's easier to just use #6 AWG ground wire, solid, from Home

After conducting a "scrap wire" tuning session, remove the wire, measure it,
and add two more turns length, then you can get the Home Depot wire cut to
the correct length.

Dr. Resonance

> > Ok, so I am building a new tesla coil. So far I have > 15kv and 90mA worth of NST's, a saltwater cap to be > rebuilt, and my secondary will be 6.5" diameter by > about 29" with 23awg wire (around 1200 or so turns). > As for my primary, it is pretty tough to get 1/4" OD > copper pipe here in great lengths. To my calculations, > I will need around 70 feet or so of the pipe. I can > get 10' lengths for around 2 bucks, and a 50 foot roll > is like 40 bucks. Could I, essentially, use 10' > lengths, with a piece of 1/8" od pipe inside the ends > of the 1/4" pipe (to make good electrical and physical > connection), and solder them together? It seems to me, > that as long as I sand away the solder to be smooth > with the pipe, it shouldn't be a problem for primary > arcing. The only other thing i see is the resistance > going up a bit, and changing the res freq a little > bit. > > Anyone have any input on this, or any links to where I > can see it done? > > Thanks in advance, > Blimpie > > >