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Re: turnoid question

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

How much better do the toroids perform when wrapped with masking tape and then aluminum tape, as you suggest? Have you done a comparison? Or, does it just look a lot better? I don't mind putting in the extra labor, if it really is better.
Paul Brodie
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> Original poster: Ed Phillips <<mailto:evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> The flexible aluminum dryer duct at Lowe's and Home Depot isn't as
> smooth
> as the tubing from McMaster but it is cheap, readily available, and
> works
> very well. "
> It can be made really smooth when wrapped neatly with masking tape and
> then aluminum tape. A lot cheaper than patronizing the robber barons at
> McMASTER and easier to get. (Not knocking the outfit - they have fast
> delivery of an incredible stock of goodies at fair prices, but those are
> fair industrial prices and most of us aren't in business.)
> Ed