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Tesla history project

Original poster: "Steven Steele" <sbsteele@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Now my Tesla project has expanded to encompass Electronics(by the way, he said I'd get an A even if it didn't work for all the hard work i've one:) ), and now History and 10th Lit/Comp.
Today I was just assigned two research projects and i'm doing them both on Tesla stuff.
My History project(due May 16) is on the history of Tesla coils since 1900. This is where that Tesla Almanac would come in handy.
Please send me all the information you know regarding Tesla history since 1900.
Now I have to build the M-20 by May 16. <:^\
It will get done(so I keep telling myself).
You think my presentation will do allright compared to the others? LOL!

                               Steven Steele