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RE: Tektronix 535 scope for coiling use

Original poster: "Ralph Zekelman" <gridleak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I may have one of those little pots. If I can help it will take several
Is this the variable V INPUT on the end of the INPUT selector?


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Original poster: Rich Simpson <richcreations@xxxxxxxxx>

On Apr 9, 2005, at 11:38 AM, Tesla list wrote:

>Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hi Everyone,
>I picked up that old scope I asked the list about, when at his place
>leaving, it had a good trace on both channels (it is a dual trace
>when I got home, it did not work, I traced the problem to a bad Pot,
>I may have located a replacement in iowa...
>I needed a scope, but I am starting to think I need to get a scope to
>to help fix this one next time it breaks, and I should get a "parts
>or two of this model (535A), so I will have parts.
>So if anyone has some old tek scope parts, or a dead 535A that they do
>want anymore, let me know what you would want for them...
>         Which pot is bad and why did it keep the scope from working?
I can't
>imagine anything in that scope which would not be easy to replace,
>although some of the dual pots in the preamp might be a nuisance.  For
>that matter, what's wrong with the pot?  If it's just intermittent or
>noisy a squirt of contact lubricant plus a lot of turning back and
>will probably restore it.  I recently had to go through that procedure
>with a CA preamp.

The bad pot was in my CA preamp, it is a little black plastic pot,
that went on the end of one of the rotary switches, it has some broken
windings so it is really dead.