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Re: Tungsten

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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> Original poster: "Gerald Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > OK, now I must ask. The green tipped tungsten rods that I bought and > thought were pure tungsten certainly don't seem soft and malable. In fact, > they are very brittle and hard. The red tipped tungsten rods, I believe, > are the ones that have thorium (did I remember this right) and are slightly > radioactive. So how pure are the green ones and how "very pure" does > tungsten need to be to be soft and malable??? > > Gerry R.

Pretty pure for the green ones..

soft and malleable also depends on the work and temperature history (sort of
like copper.. can be dead soft, or after working, can be real hard and