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Steven - Your Tesla Project

Original poster: Karl Lindheimer <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steven,

I've been building coils for some time now, and owe much of my success to the incredible knowledge base on the Pupman list. It's great that you've decided to build a TC for your project. (But please make safety your # 1 priority.)

Why not take a look at this URL from Gary Laus:


He is one of our resident experts, and he hosted a contest a while back. You will gain further understanding by reading the specs of the various coils. Your degree of success with your own project will be increased if you can "copy" other working designs.

With my first coil (built from scraps) I made poly caps, party cup caps, beer bottle caps, battery jar caps, until finally using an MMC.
However, I learned a lot about capacitor design and theory in doing so.

Also, I don't want to post this to the list, but you are most definitely going to need to rewind your secondary coil. You need a single layer of 28-32 gauge magnet wire, approximately 800-1400 turns with a height to width ratio of between 3-1, 4-1, or even 5-1 (almost too tall) The secondary should have no holes drilled through it or an arc could flash through it from the top turns to the bottom grounded turn.

Your doorknob "toroid" is cute, but the primary function of the toroid is to act as a large capacitor, which will lower your coils resonant frequency, which in turn determines where you will tap your primary to get both in tune. The toroid will need to be within a certain capacitance range to enable realistic tuning. The size of your streamers will be based on your toroid's size. Again, look at the work of other's and reach the appropriate conclusion.

The many software programs out there will enable you to play with the numbers before you actually spend money, or build things that might not be suitable for your project. I estimate that I spent several months, just listening to the Pupman list, and researching web sites before I felt confident enough to attempt a coil. Even then, my first coil barely performed. So I read some more, and posted intelligent questions to the list, and rebuilt again and again before I got decent performance. The experience was great, and my level of expertise regarding high voltage and resonant transformer design is far greater now than it was before.

Best Regards,